Day of Infamy ontvangt een grote update met extra content

Day of Infamy
28 juli 2016 (Early Access)
First-person shooter

Toen Day of Infamy eerder dit jaar op Steam verscheen, werd beloofd dat de game met enige regelmaat van gratis content updates zou worden voorzien. Het lijkt er nu op dat die belofte gehouden gaat worden.

De eerste contentpatch voor de game is namelijk nu beschikbaar en voegt een nieuwe speelbare map, het afhakken van ledematen en een zooitje nieuwe wapens toe. Hiernaast heb je natuurlijk ook de standaard bugfixes en balansaanpassingen. De volledige patch notes kun je hieronder vinden:

  • ¬†¬†¬† New map:

        Salerno. Layout based on Avalanche from Day of Defeat.

  • ¬†¬†¬† New weapons:

        Browning Hi-Power: Sidearm option for the Commonwealth faction.
        Sten Mk V: Primary weapon for Commonwealth Officer.
        Thompson M1A1: replaces M1928A1 on US Army faction.
        TNT/Sprengbuchse fuse explosive.
        Panzerschreck: German rocket launcher.
        Nebelhandgranate: German smoke grenade.
        M1C Garand (Currently coop only, will consider for PvP)
        Suppressed Sten Mk V (Currently coop only, will consider for PvP)

  • Stability Improvements

    Fixed a crash in Sicily Entrenchment.
    OS X: All models are unloaded between level changes to prevent memory-related crashes.

  • Gameplay Improvements

    Added the ability to reload with stripper clips even when the weapon is not empty. In these cases,
    new rounds will be loaded one-by-one.
    Added new team-only dialogue for incoming rockets and grenades.
    Added dialogue for when artillery is ready to fire.

  • Balance Changes

    Flamethrower projectiles now take a brief period to reach maximum range after firing.
    Increased bazooka damage from 120 to 150.

  • Bug Fixes

    Fixed some cases where the grenade throwback would result in no weapon being held.
    Fixed an issue where decals wouldn’t draw properly on Comacchio.
    Fixed a bug where spawning in single-player wasn’t choosing your selected class correctly.

  • User Experience Improvements

    Added a new icon for radiomen seen by officers when their artillery is on cooldown.
    Added a new icon for players on your team who are on your Steam Friends list. (Can be toggled
    on/off in Game options)

  • Visual Improvements

    Certain radial commands will now play an animated gesture on the character.
    New Springfield textures.
    New Kabar Knife.
    Unarmed third person animations.

  • Coop Improvements

    Added new dialogue and gestures to the bots.
    Adjusted the bot turn speed to be much slower and less robotic.
    Increased bot accuracy with launchers.
    Added a 0.3 second delay to flamethrower bot reaction time.
    Officer bots will draw their binoculars and stand still when calling artillery.
    Commonwealth officers will occasionally call in incendiary artillery.
    Silenced weapons will not be heard by distant bots.
    Bots who are firing weapons will have their hearing range briefly reduced.

  • Map Changes

    Dog Red
        Fixed numerous flaws identified by the community
            Lengthened axis spawn timer for final objective
            Fixed final allied spawn
            Reduced AI visual distance so they can’t see through some smoke effects
    Reichswald (Stronghold mode)
        Fixed final allied spawn
        Lengthened axis spawn timer for final objective
        Continued initial art pass
        Added Stronghold and Entrenchment modes
    Comacchio (Entrenchment mode)
        Added a flank point for the bots at objective A
        Shortened axis spawn time for objectives A and B

Bron: New World Interactive


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